What makes me different from other Scalp Micropigmentation providers?

Not all SMP procedures and providers were created equal. At ROOTWORKS, SMP is the only procedure that I offer. This is a unique advantage as many other providers offer a variety of procedures alongside SMP. I feel, if you try to divide your time, effort, attention and resources into all of those areas of interest, you will indeed end up a master of none.

It is vital you find a technician and artist that you can trust, so for this reason I take the time during consultations to get to know you, understand your expectations and discuss your options. Gaining this knowledge and building your trust, you can be certain scalp micropigmentation is the right choice for you.

Because SMP is such a personal service, I always ensure that you only ever speak to and deal with me. This helps to prevent miscommunications and, most importantly, it means that you will have me by your side in support through every step of your personal transformation - so you can feel as comfortable as possible throughout.

The ROOTWORKS experience

The ROOTWORKS promise gives you peace of mind for an entire year, with free adjustments if required and ongoing support as and when you need it

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